When I was in high school I had a dilemma. Do I pursue the visual arts and be a creative in the game or VFX industry? Or do I double down on math and science to become a knowledge worker in an engineering field? I chose the latter, so off I went to Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario where I did 5 years of applied mathematics in mechanical engineering. Following that up with a second degree in computer science I was ready to tackle the world.

Hi! I am Adam Brykajlo and for the last two years I have been working as a software developer in Vancouver. And while I do love programming, I have a strong creative force in me that is more and more manifesting it's urge to be visually creative. This website is a manifestation of that need.

While the last few years have been spent honing my technical prowess my artistic ability has stagnated. My interest in 3D modelling is still ever present so the next several months I want to devote to learning 3D modelling and working on general artistic ability. Once I allow my artistic ability to catch up I ultimately want to combine my artistic creativity with my skills in mathematics, science and programming.